Good Things From The Yubinkyoku

Japan Post Office StationeryAs I mentioned in my first post about sending postcards from Japan, I couldn’t wait to pop into the post office for some postcard stamps and postcards. While I was buying those, I scoped out some of the exclusive yubinkyoku (post office) stationery. Pictured above is the classic red mailbox postcard, the classic red mailbox glue stick, the Japan post letter set (including stickers of a mail bike, a mail bag, a mail truck and a mailbox) and a letterpressed postcard. They are all part of the Posta Collect Basic stationery series presented by the post office. The papers used in the letter set and postcards are really thick and lovely. The postal clerk was adamant that the big red mailbox postcard was not for international mailing, but Naoto sent me one a few years ago during one of his solo travels to Japan and I got it…so…mail at your own risk? Japanese Constellation Postage StampsI also bought a sheet of these awesome constellation stamps. Japan is very on-trend with their postage…constellations are everywhere lately!Japanese Constellation Postage StampsIt’s hard to see in the pictures, but the stars are gold foil and the pictures are holographic silver. Apparently these stamps are the third in a series of constellation stamps. (You can see the first set here and the second here, scroll down.) I’m bummed I missed this first two. Japanese Letter Writing Day Postage StampsAnd while I was at the post office one last time, I could not pass up the other Letter Writing Day stamps. I fell in love with the depictions of summer in Japan, especially the somen (bottom left), the roasted barley tea (second right) and the flowers and vegetables. And obviously the little girl writing a letter, the red mailbox and mail truck sealed the deal.

Japan really knows how to do postage stamps and merchandise…I think the USPS should take note!

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3 thoughts on “Good Things From The Yubinkyoku

  1. jackie says:

    Those stamps are amazing! My adoration of what you’ve brought home makes me want to go to Japan JUST for the stationery stores alone. These posts about your trip are so much fun!

  2. I literally yelled, “holy fuck, Japan, you have the cutest shit!” and told Dan we need to move there. THAT GLUE STICK IS KILLING ME.

  3. Cindy R. says:

    More cute stamps!

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