Garden Update: Things Are Growing

DSC_0021Naoto and I spent some time at the garden on Saturday afternoon and again last night. We are both amazed at how much the plants grow within such a short few days. Here are a few shots of our garden, complete with my homemade plant markers:

DSC_0017 DSC_0016 DSC_0015 DSC_0013 DSC_0011 DSC_0009 DSC_0007And, in the most exciting news of all, our Juliet tomato already has a blossom!!

IMG_2329It’s so weird to me because the Juliet was the last tomato we planted (just last weekend with my dad).

DSC_0004 DSC_0006

And, now that the vining plants are growing (except for the loofah…the loofah is doing nothing), we have to come up with a plan for handling the vines. We’ve seen some good ideas in other garden plots, so we just need to buy our materials and build something simple.


And, in our first gardening challenge, our limas are being eaten by…something…a rabbit? A bug? Who knows. But the whole crop is not looking good. I still have hope that maybe one or two plants will produce some good ol’ lima beans…

One thing that’s been fun and helpful for me so far this gardening season is participating in #SeedChat (with @SeedChat & others) on Twitter. It happens on Wednesday nights at 8pm CST and it’s a great way to “meet” other gardeners and ask questions (if you’re a newbie like me) or offer advice (if you’re an experienced green thumb). If you’re into gardening, check it out!





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5 thoughts on “Garden Update: Things Are Growing

  1. adamborzy says:

    I like the idea that you have really put names on the plants to identify them. I will also apply it in my garden.

  2. Nicole says:

    It’s looking good! Everything is so green & lush! I wish I had a good recommendation for your lima beans. I found out this year that the neighborhood bunnies really love kohlrabi, but so far that’s the only thing they’re messing with in the garden.

  3. Meryl says:

    Once the loofah takes off, you won’t worry about it anymore! (And love the plant markers, too!)

  4. Donovan says:

    Super excited that one of my porch pepper plants already has a tiny little pepper! I feel so accomplished.

  5. naoto says:

    I will go there this afternoon to water and check on weed situation for ya.

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