Slow Productivity


We are having a little party on Saturday night (Fondue Fun Night!!!), so naturally I’m busy hanging stuff on the wall, checking out Jell-O molds and planning menus instead of doing what I’m supposed to do (finish cleaning, finish the spare room, finish painting the bathroom door…)

I’ve had the square Ikea frames for almost a year now. I originally had another idea for them (I actually own four), but that didn’t work out. I’m not sure this worked out either. I’m not in love with it. It’s fine, but not great, but I can’t decide if it’s the placement, the papers, the colors or just the whole thing that’s bothering me. (If you’d like a closer look at the papers–you know, without the camera glare– the left one is similar to this Lokta paper, the middle on is this Japanese paper, and the right one is this Lokta paper.) I love the papers…I took the colors from my chevron pillows…I love the gold, I’m just not sure if it all looks a little too matchy matchy..maybe it would look better with only one paper design in all three frames? Maybe I need a new lamp? (I definitely need a new lamp shade!) Also, this whole set-up doesn’t help with that awkward hold between the side table and the television…

In addition to hanging some lame frames, I finally got up the nerve to hang the bathroom mirror yesterday! I was very nerve-wracking, lots of measuring and leveling and math (the math part I can handle…it’s the stress of holding the measuring tape and the level and the drill and the screw that is the hard part! Home improvement is not a solo gig!) So, the mirror isn’t hung perfectly, but it is centered and level, so that’s perfect enough! You should have seen all of the hang-wringing and sweating that was going on in there as I held my breath and prayed for a straight outcome!

Hopefully next week, I can be back with some pictures of the finally finished bathroom. I am still searching for an elusive frame for my artwork (and I have to paint the door still…can’t forget that.)

In the meantime, any ideas for the living room?

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5 thoughts on “Slow Productivity

  1. Kathy says:

    I think the isolation of the art is what is bothering you most. The lamp doesn’t help – it creates this dividing line between the arted-up wall and the non-arted wall. My suggestion: Moving the gold one over to the left of the green one, where the lamp is. Move the lamp to another room and replace with a floor lamp that is placed behind the sofa chair. One of those floor lamps that have the bending arm, like this: would work with the art while also giving you good reading light. (Not that model lamp exactly, just don’t know how to explain “the bendy arm thing” without a visual!)

    • kimberly ah says:

      OOOH, I like it…and I have been eying those lamps. The lighting in our living room is terrible, both due to no overhead lights and the fact that we only have two mediocre lamps. Off to search for more lamps…

  2. Chris says:

    The side table and lamp need replacement…off hand I’m not sure what the answer is…and I hate saying something doesn’t work without also providing a solution. I like the simplicity of the 3 frames and the chair looks nice if you cover up the lamp in the photo….ill keep contemplating the scene. 🙂

  3. […] 12×12 scrapbooking papers, all shades of grey of course. I am going to put in into one of these frames (I have an extra) and hang it in the master bath. I added the shiny silver at the end and I quite […]

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