#WeekofIndulgence: Gaetano’s


Gaetano’s is a little Italian restaurant here in Forest Park. If no one had told us about it, we would have never noticed it because it is so removed from the other restaurants on Madison Street. To say it’s Italian probably conjures up images of meatballs and red sauce, but Gaetano doesn’t do Italian like that…his cooking is full of interesting combinations, fresh flavors and gorgeous presentation. The next time we go, I want to get the risotto because it comes out in a foil swan! This article explains it better than I can (and for the record, those chorizo-stuffed dates in coconut tomato sauce…incredible!)


Naoto decided this was the perfect place for his last indulgence. We shared the tuna carpaccio, Naoto enjoyed a seafood pasta (pictured above with the cheerful indulger) and I had butternut squash gnocchi with mushrooms and beef short ribs. Of course, I couldn’t finish my dish, so Naoto willingly ate the rest.


We finished with coffee and dessert, Creme Brule Napoleon con le Peche–“carmelized phyllo dough layered with custard and peaches with caramel sauce*”. Just like the pie at the Little Goat, I’ve been thinking about this dessert since the first bite. I’m kind of hoping Naoto will take me here while he’s on his soft foods diet…he can have the custard and caramel sauce, while I “take one for the team” and eat the peaches and phyllo!

After dinner, we headed back to FitzGerald’s to meet up with our neighbor friend for a cocktail and a little bit of music before we headed home for the night. I can’t think of a more perfect end to the #WeekofIndulgence than that!

Now that we are rolling into the “restricted diet zone”, our focus has moved to “fun pureed food” research and party planning for April when Naoto can join the living again and eat and drink with the rest of us! It’s always good to have something to look forward to–even if it’s something as simple as a beer and a Spam musubi!

*from Gaetano’s menu

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One thought on “#WeekofIndulgence: Gaetano’s

  1. […] hating it. And, the bars we frequent don’t serve such sophistication. But when we were at Fitzgerald’s, Naoto surprised me with a cocktail–The Last Word. It was a pretty shade of green, very […]

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