Hello 2013 Calendars


Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post. I think I need to remember this: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good (Voltaire). The cards are never going to be perfect, but if I do them in a meaningful way, by doing what is important to me (writing personal notes and letters, fancy-ing up the envelopes, getting them out early in the holiday season) and let go of perfection (feeling like I have to make them for everyone) then I can consider it a job well done! (I also responded to each of you in the comments section.)

And now, on to the calendars!

On New Year’s Eve I shared my sadness about leaving my 2012 calendars behind. But now that I’ve cracked open my 2013 calendars, I’m excited for a fresh start in the new year. There is nothing like a nice clean calendar just waiting for possibilities!

For my wall calendar, I went with Rifle again. This little Garden number is smaller than the Botanicals of 2012, but it happens to be the perfect size to cover the outdated intercom in the kitchen (which is why there is a calendar hanging in the kitchen in the first place). My favorite month is March–a barometer, which is a perfect coincidence because my dad collects them and his birthday is in March. I’m hoping the garden calendar inspires me to spend a little more time on my container garden during the summer (oh and with my poor houseplants this winter)!

I have another calendar for our bedroom, but it’s a bit of a DIY that I still need to finish–pronto! And, I just ordered one of these calendars from K is for Calligraphy for my desk…there should be no trouble knowing what day it is in 2013!

For my planner, I settled on the Paper Source Date Book. This is my third year using this particular datebook…so -yawn- I guess it works just fine. The design is just really tired to me but I’m hoping to jazz it up a bit with some washi tape and some other Japanese calendar stickers. I have a whole stash of stuff to make the planner more “me” and less Paper Source. I’ll come back next week and show you how it’s coming along.

What kind of calendar do you have for 2013? And how many calendars is too many?

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One thought on “Hello 2013 Calendars

  1. […] calligraphy that I cannot read. I’m excited to have a grid again. The calendars that I bought last year were all more decorative than functional. The fish calendar will hang in the kitchen, so it will be […]

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