calm & bright


I pushed my Edgar Allan Poe candle to the side table to make room for my favorite candle of all time–the Paddywax Woodland candle. Hands down, the best winter-smelling candle of all time (especially if you love real pine-y scents, as opposed to Pine-Sol pine-ish scents). Placed next to my bowl of silver, gold and pearly Christmas balls, it brings a bit of Christmas to the coffee table. And, I am not lying when I tell you that the living room is the only place of calm and bright in this Christmas house…the rest of the place is a complete, dusty disaster thanks to the end of the bathroom project and the temporary relocation of ourselves and an entire closet of stuff.

This weekend we are painting the bathroom, and hopefully we (well, I) will be cleaning and making our home presentable again. I’m looking forward to the normal life the end of construction promises! Normal things like searching for the missing Christmas decorations and not sleeping in the guest room and playing fetch with Presley without feeling like a crazy cat lady in front of the contractors… And, we have a turkey hanging out in the freezer begging to be cooked up for a mini-Friendsgiving/Friendtsmas…or something like that…plenty of time to decorate and enjoy more Christmas cheer, right?

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One thought on “calm & bright

  1. cath says:

    Even with bathroom reconstruction and workers in the house, you managed to do a lot of Christmas decorating. I haven’t started, will do so from monday onwards. The fifth of december is a festive day in The Netherlands – including exchanging gifts and making poems as well as what we call ‘surprises’; alluding to traits and habits of the recipient that could do with some mild teasing. Sint Nicolaas we call it (Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myra and patron of children) and as we celebrate that as well as Christmas (both in a small way where gifts are concerned) somehow I need some ‘space’ in between. We made Nessie, The Monster of Loch Ness by the way as surprise and surprise it was, looking much more like E.T.

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