rainy night cocktail–the classic margarita

I have been wanting to try another margarita recipe for awhile now, one that includes agave nectar (supposedly the secret ingredient of all excellent margaritas). So, Sunday afternoon we actually remembered the agave at Trader Joe’s and we decided margaritas would make a perfect rainy evening cocktail.

After a tiny bit of research, I found this super-informative Wall Street Journal article. We made the Classic Margarita (#3) and it was just about perfect!

Classic Margarita

2oz tequila

3/4oz freshly-squeezed lime juice

3/4oz orange liquor

1/4oz agave nectar

Shake all ingredients with ice and pour in a cocktail glass (or a cactus margarita glass) with (or without) a salted rim.

For me, the salt is what makes the drink. We enjoyed our margaritas on the rocks, but the article says that when the margarita is perfected, you can drink it without…I think we’ll have to up our quality on the tequila for that to be the case…but the ratio of ingredients was perfect to us…and the agave–I’m not sure what it adds but it adds something.

While some people might have enjoyed curling up with hot tea and watching this rain, we curled up with margaritas…it works for us.


One thought on “rainy night cocktail–the classic margarita

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