cinco de mayo…early

When I decided to make these simple tacos for dinner tonight, it didn’t occur to me that we are creeping up on Cinco de Mayo…I mean, I still think it’s the beginning of April, for goodness sakes.

The recipe is from an old episode of Everyday Food-the PBS Martha Stewart show that is like a thirty minute taste of the magazine.


Shredded chicken (I just baked up 2 chicken breasts the only way I know how–in foil packets to keep in the moisture, 400 degree oven for 30 minutes-ish, or until my meat thermometer says 165 degrees.)

Diced sweet onion


Sliced avocado

Tomatoes (not in the original recipe, but they add a bit of sweetness)

Limes, for squeezing on at the end

Corn tortillas, charred on the gas burner (mmm…the blackened goodness!)

Chop everything up while the chicken is baking (except the avocado…do that right before serving), char your tortilla, pile everything on, squeeze the lime, add a sprinkle of salt and you’ve got dinner. It was so easy that I had time to make a fresh margarita. See those glasses with the cactus stems? I’ve had those since I turned 21 and this might be the first time I’ve used them in a decade…when I got them out of the liquor cabinet, I noticed they still had paint chips from my old white built-ins on the bottoms of them…needless to say, they got a good wash before this use AND based on Naoto’s reaction, they will be used again soon for another margarita night.


2 parts tequila

2 parts triple sec

1 part fresh lime juice

Shake (with ice) and pour over ice in a salt-rimmed margarita glass. While delicious, I think the recipe could use more lime…

I like dinners like these, with little room for failure. With my cooking skills, these go-to recipes come in handy.

3 thoughts on “cinco de mayo…early

  1. Mom says:

    Looks yummy! You are ready for Cinco de Mayo. We had burritos twice this week. Also put out a display at the library. Celebrate again Sat. with a Margarita!!!

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  3. […] HHH, I whipped up classic margaritas and carefully opened some Whole Foods chips and salsa. We made Martha Stewart tacos, too. Simple and perfect for the two of us. The next week, Karen joined us for Last Words and […]

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