Letter Writing Social

This weekend, I went to another letter writing social hosted by the Letter Writers Alliance. I try to go as often as possible…because I like writing letters and seeing other people who do too, and because seeing other people creating mail art inspires me to do create some myself. I cranked out four letters during the social, and another one yesterday morning and plopped them all into the mail box this morning. Two letters, just because, to my sister-in-law and my dear friend, one pen pal letter, one overdue thank you and one letter to include with some recipes that I could have emailed (but it was way more fun writing them out on old fashioned recipe cards!)

Other than letter writing, it’s been pretty quiet around here. I’m trying to reclaim the guest room and dining room from the Honor Flight mail call mess. Oh, and my own mess.


One thought on “Letter Writing Social

  1. Mom says:

    What unique letters!!!

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