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From the Attic: Vintage Game Birds Shot Glasses

Anchor Hocking Bird Shot Glasses When my parents visited, they brought me an attic treasure–these vintage Anchor Hocking shot glasses. The glasses were wedding gifts from 1972! Anchor Hocking Bird Shot Glasses They still have their original box, and aside from being a little dusty from the attic, they are in tip top shape. Anchor Hocking Bird Shot Glasses Even their gilded rims are perfect! (Seriously, Dad. Did you even use these?)

Naoto and I aren’t big shot drinkers (well, not since the crazy days of our youth anyway.) And I use this Anchor Hocking measuring glass for my cocktail mixing. (It’s practically the perfect size for measuring the ingredients for one or a batch of cocktails.) But I’m thinking we could use these for after-dinner limoncellos or sips of other liqueurs. I’m excited to have them as part of the bar collection.

Thanks Mom & Dad!

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handmade is happiness #1

Naoto likes to joke that my iPad is my favorite gift (Presley gave it to me for my birthday this year. She is very thoughtful & generous.) While I do use the iPad quite often, I would never consider something hard, cold and electronic as my fave…no matter how much I use it.

But he did get me thinking, what are some of my favorite gifts? So, I’ve decided to share some of my best-loved gifts here on the blog…

One of the first gifts that came to mind are these kitchen towels that my mother made for my wedding shower.

Growing up, I knew my mom had embroidery supplies, but only because we pilfered the floss for friendship bracelets. It never occurred to the childhood me that she actually could embroider…so imagine my surprise when I opened such a heartfelt and handmade gift!

When visitors see the towels hanging in my kitchen, they are sometimes surprised that I use the towels. (What else am I supposed to do with them? Keep them folded up in a drawer?) Well, I do use them, a lot, for everything from drying dishes and drying herbs to sopping up messes (everything I do in the kitchen results in a mess lately) and wearing them as aprons. And every time I use them, I think of my mom, the ultimate mother & homemaker. xoxo

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coffee talk | choosing a coffee maker

Naoto & I buy our coffees out almost every day. (I know, I know…”think of what else you could do with that money!” I hear it from people–and in my own head–all the time.) For me, it’s a perfect start to my day when I get up with Naoto and walk him to the train. We chat about our plans for the day, our plans for the evening and our night’s sleep (I tell Naoto in great detail about my nightly dreams. He doesn’t dream, so I’m sure he finds this fascinating.) We stop at Dunkin Donuts (don’t judge–their coffee is the BEST!) and I let Naoto buy our coffees and we go our separate ways. He goes to the train, I go home to Presley. Everyone at “our” Dunk knows us and our orders. (I am super particular about the amount of sugar they put in.)

But lately, I’ve been missing making coffee at home. We’ve been researching coffee makers since we got married and have been unable to find one that gets consistently good ratings. The coffee pot we own now (that giant white thing in the right background) was mine when I got my first apartment in 2000. (Yes, it’s a Philips brand–and you thought they only made televisions!) It actually makes decent coffee and the carafe really keeps the coffee hot for a long time. But it’s big and clumsy and is an eyesore on our counter. I hate getting rid of something that works perfectly well just because of looks, but it takes up so much room on the counter.

For now, I’ve given up on drip coffee makers and have gotten reacquainted with my French press. It was one of those wedding gifts that has been languishing in the cabinet for six years. We bought some coffee in Iowa (who knew Iowa had so much tastiness to offer–first gin, now coffee!) and I’ve been grinding it at home (because a coffee grinder was another wedding gift) and making a little pot of coffee for myself. It’s super strong, and super delicious. And, when I make my coffee at home, I drink it black–no cream or sugar like my Dunkin coffees. The only problems I have: first, I always want more than one pot. Our French press holds 32oz…not nearly enough tasty goodness. (One benefit of purchasing coffee outside the home: it is a good way to restrict your addiction to 20oz per day.) Second, the pot doesn’t stay piping hot. And third, it’s really not enough for a crowd (It’s hard to share when there’s only 32 ounces!) For now, the French press is the best option, but I’m keeping my eyes open for something better.

How do you make your coffee?

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