Mail Again, Mail Again, Jiggity Jig

outgoing mail August, #showandmail, #feedyourmailbox, mail artI’m finally making some progress in my mail pile! Over the weekend and each night this week, I’ve tried to tackle a letter or two. When I get behind, I always have high hopes of catching up in one sitting and then I get burnt out before even starting the first letter. (The same thing happens with cleaning–I have high hopes of cleaning the WHOLE apartment perfectly, then I just give up and don’t do anything.) Taking the pile one letter at a time has been a lot less stressful and way more productive! outgoing mail August, #showandmail, #feedyourmailbox, mail artI have a drawer in my desk that is dedicated to random paper scraps (used wrapping paper, junk mail, stickers, scraps, bits pen pals send me) to use for mail art. That drawer has gotten so stuffed that I couldn’t close it! So, I’ve decided that a “use it or lose it” policy needs to be put into effect. If I’m going to save something, I need to use it right away, even if that means making an envelope ahead of time. The colorful paisley paper has been around since 2014. It was wrapping paper from a gift Cath sent to me. It was really a joy to use on these envelopes. outgoing mail August, #showandmail, #feedyourmailbox, mail artThe green and white Japanese paper was from a gift Jess sent. I used it on her (late) thank you note and some other (late) thank you notes that day. outgoing mail August, #showandmail, #feedyourmailbox, mail artI’ve shared this before, but I always take an extra popcorn bag when I go to Rural King. I like to think of it as spreading the good word about my favorite farm equipment store. outgoing mail August, #showandmail, #feedyourmailbox, mail artI’ve barely made a dent in the map from the Letter Writers Alliance Mail Art Workshop kit. But at least I can close my drawer now…almost!

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5 thoughts on “Mail Again, Mail Again, Jiggity Jig

  1. Those stationery sets are so pretty!! There’s something very magical about having a matching envelope when you send a letter…

  2. cath says:

    What a pleasant and unexpected surprise to see my wrapping paper going on another journey. I just love your creative ideas.

  3. Ooh! So colorful and pretty. 🙂

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