Final Thoughts on Letter Month 2015

blue mailbox, letter monthIt felt weird not to write a letter on Sunday and not to have anything to mail on Monday. On Saturday when I checked my mailbox, I only found junk mail, so my inbox is officially empty, my letter ledger is turned to a fresh new page and my stationery is all organized and ready for action. I’m not feeling the same burn-out I’ve felt after previous Letter Month attempts. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe because I sent more postcards than usual, maybe because I didn’t write much in January, maybe because it’s been snowy and cold and letter writing is the perfect indoor activity and a much-needed break from technology. Whatever reason, it feels good to be done but it feels sad to have an empty mailbox. I hope I can continue responding in a timely manner–it feels good to have a nice flow of new mail on my desk instead of the same letters languishing for weeks.

My totals for the month:

  • 36 letters/cards
  • 8 postcards
  • 4 international letters/postcards
  • 3 packages
  • 51 total mailings

I also visited seven blue boxes, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s six more than I normally visit. Mostly, I drop my letters into our lobby box or into the blue box near work. I visited six other mailboxes, and four of those were mailboxes I’d never used before. Now that spring is on the horizon, I hope I’ll get out more to mail from some more blue boxes around Forest Park. I’m also making up a rubber stamp that says FEED YOUR MAILBOX as a good reminder to frequent those blue boxes.

How did your Letter Month go? Did you achieve your personal goals?

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2 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on Letter Month 2015

  1. lalumii says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderfully productive letter month! My February was almost the opposite– I was so extraordinarily busy that I’ve made some of my pen pals wait for a long time, although I’m catching up now. I hope this next month will be much more productive for me, since it’s definitely a little sad seeing an empty mailbox every day!

    • kimberly ah says:

      I go through long periods of not writing (because of business or just not being in the mood.) I’m glad my pen pals are understanding. And yes–the lulls in my own mailbox are often what prompt me to write sooner!

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