A Tiny Matchbox Valentine

matchbox valentine, vintage stamp, chocolateAt work we exchanged Valentines, grade school style with a handmade Valentine box and everything. I made a simplified version of my vintage stamp Valentine and I got a lot of great ones, too. One of my favorites was this tiny matchbox Valentine from Laura. It’s hard to see in the pictures, but it’s a plain matchbox covered with map paper–in my case, a map of Japan!matchbox valentine, vintage stamp, chocolateInside, there was a tiny piece of chocolate and a vintage stamp tied up with pink twine. matchbox valentine, vintage stamp, chocolateOnce I untied the twine, I saw that the stamp was actually two stamps sewn together to make a little card. There was a kind message inside.

I love that Laura used non-traditional Valentine colors and created something really special. I love working with such creative people!

P.S. Laura has a blog! And she wrote up a little tutorial about her Matchbox Valentines in case you want to make your own…for next year or another occasion! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “A Tiny Matchbox Valentine

  1. wow, you do work with some wildly creative folks! I love this tiny valentine and how she created a card from stamps!

  2. Naoto says:

    Wow so awesome

  3. devalayer says:

    What a cute little idea – I’ve been thinking about making small parcels out of match boxes for a while, but the stamp card was new. Love it!

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