Holy Snow!

CHicago BLizzard 2015On Saturday night it started snowing and it pretty much didn’t stop until sometime early Monday. And it snowed some more on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our area snowfall was somewhere between the 19-22 inch range. Above is what it looked like when I walked for coffee on Sunday morning. Everything was still passable and it was very pretty!Chicago Blizzard 2015 CHicago BLizzard 2015Late Sunday afternoon, Naoto and I walked over to our friends’ place for the Super Bowl. The wind had picked up by this time and sidewalks and streets were somewhat of a challenge to walk in. We ended up walking to the L and taking it two stops and then walking through at least a foot of snow in some places to get to their apartment. It felt a little insane, but it wasn’t very cold and we feel like as Chicagoans, we should be able to handle a little bit of snow. (That being said, we never would have driven in that mess!) CHicago BLizzard 2015By the time the Super Bowl was over, we found ourselves walking in the streets to get back to the train. Some homeowners were outside clearing the walks, but not everyone had, so you’d find yourself in a clear path that walked into a dead end of waist-high snow. CHicago BLizzard 2015CHicago BLizzard 2015In front of our own building, the snow had drifted up by the garage door and we had to climb a snow mountain to get to our front door. What a fun adventure! CHicago BLizzard 2015On Monday morning, things were bright and sunny and a big mess! We’ve been trying to walk everywhere (mostly to work, for coffees and to the blue mailbox!) so we don’t have to navigate the messy roads and crazy parking situations out there. Stay warm, Chicago!

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4 thoughts on “Holy Snow!

  1. this (weirdly) makes me miss home so much (I’m from mpls/st. paul and used to visit friends in chicago frequently, even in winter) – in north carolina, where i live now, the slightest dusting of snow shuts the whole joint down. I miss the practicality and good infrastructure of the northland! hope you continue to stay warm and safe!

  2. Cindy R. says:

    Wow! Glad you’re able to get around without having to drive in that!

  3. dactyl life says:

    That looks like so much fun as long as you don’t have to drive or be anywhere on time. Haha 🙂

  4. danielle says:

    YIKES. Move to Tacoma.

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