New Vintage Cocktail Glasses

Pendergast cocktail in vintage glassesLast week, I was the lucky recipient of some vintage cocktail glasses. They were Karen’s grandparents’ and she remembers seeing her grandfather mixing up a pitcher of Manhattans and drinking out of these. They are tiny…bigger than shot glasses, but not as big as typical modern day glasses. I measured and they are just a tiny bit over three ounces…yep, perfect for a Manhattan. old cocktail glassesWe hosted a Hasegawa Happy Hour this week and served up Manhattans. They were perfect, very Mad Men. I am excited to have them in my collection. (Thanks, Karen!!)

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3 thoughts on “New Vintage Cocktail Glasses

  1. Mom says:

    How exciting. Everyone knows you like vintage.

  2. Karen says:

    So glad they found a happy home!

  3. stephaniecantoo says:

    Nice find!

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