Cat Postcard

show and mail, snail mail, fun postcardsI’m still catching up on my pile of mail. I’ve caught up to June…it’s a slow process. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few interesting pieces of mail I’ve received lately. New Zealand postage, cat postcard

I got this cat postcard from April in New Zealand. She wrote it during the LWA Virtual Letter Social earlier this month. I think the card is packaging for maybe a Christmas cat costume? (I’ve bought Presley a couple of hats from Target and they’ve come in similar packaging.) I love that she reused something the would normally end up in the trash to make a great piece of mail! April wrote a note on labels (seen at the top) and affixed plenty of postage to the back. The day I received it, the postcard was the only thing in my mailbox, making it the perfect surprise–seeing that sweet face smiling at me when I opened the mailbox door made my day!!

Thanks, April, for the Good Mail Day!

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2 thoughts on “Cat Postcard

  1. Love it. I found something similar a couple years ago on South Street in Philly and sent it to my penpal in Chicago. Apparently that’s where we want to send our cat shaped cards 🙂

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