LWA Virtual Letter Social

#LWAsocialI’m super-behind on my letter responses again. I pretty much haven’t written a letter (just a few birthday cards and thank you notes) since my last catch-up post. So apparently, I’m a binge-letter writer.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to think about mail until Sunday when the Letter Writers Alliance is hosting a Virtual Letter Social. Basically on Sunday (anytime, all time zones) if you are writing a letter, know that there will be a whole community of letter writers writing along with you. If you’re social media inclined, you can share your progress (and “socialize” with other letter writers) on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #lwasocial. I’m looking forward to enjoying a cup of coffee and writing a bunch of letters on my balcony…in my pajamas.

I hope to see you there!

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2 thoughts on “LWA Virtual Letter Social

  1. […] I caught a summer cold. It all started Sunday during the Virtual Letter Social. I’ll spare you the details…it was horrible and I’m just starting to function again. […]

  2. […] got this cat postcard from April in New Zealand. She wrote it during the LWA Virtual Letter Social earlier this month. I think the card is packaging for maybe a Christmas cat costume? (I’ve […]

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