Balcony Mail Art Afternoon

mail art on the balconyLast week the weather was perfect: low 80s, sun shining, breeze blowing… On Tuesday I had my morning coffee on the balcony and decided to stay outside and work on some mail art. I grabbed a big sunhat and my mail art kit from the LWA Lab and decided to use all of the components up and make as many envelopes as I could. I brought out part of my washi tape collection to supplement, but otherwise almost everything I used was from the kit. Here’s what I came up with…mail art on the balcony mail art on the balcony mail art on the balconyThere were so many great vintage papers in my kit. I was tempted to hoard some of the bits, but making myself use them up was quite satisfying. One of Donovan’s mail art tips was to limit yourself on supplies so you’re not overwhelmed with choices. I think limiting myself to the kit and a few rolls of washi tape made this mail art afternoon more fun and productive than some of my other mail art making sessions. The weather didn’t hurt either… I still have a couple of leftover envelopes and a huge map to work with on later mail art projects. Now…I just need to write some letters to fill those envelopes!!

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4 thoughts on “Balcony Mail Art Afternoon

  1. petite28 says:

    Your mail art is gorgeous!!

  2. Jim says:

    I agree with petite28, I really like the one with the parrot.

  3. betess10 says:

    Woah! So impressed!!!

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