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Scenes From Hasegawa Happy Hours-April Edition

Hasegawa Happy HourCatching up on April’s Hasegawa Happy Hours:

In April, we experimented with Matcha Martinis, using Naoto’s matcha powder from Japan. They were a fun experiment, but I think we’ll save the matcha powder for tea from now on. We used this recipe (the “classic” with gin) and while it was good, it wasn’t good enough to make it into the book of great cocktails. Hasegawa Happy HourIn more successful experimentation, we made the Casino and really liked it. Gin, lemon, Luxardo and bitters make a fresh combination that was perfect for watching Law & Order together!


Japan Does It Better 11: Melon Soda

melon soda, Mister Donut, Japanese drinks, FantaOh sweet melon soda.

I should preface this post by telling you that I hate cantaloupe. And when Naoto offered me a melon soda a few years ago on our first trip to Japan, I recoiled. The word “melon” and the intense green color kept me from getting my own, but I did taste his. And then I proceeded to drink it all.

Melon soda doesn’t taste exactly like cantaloupe…there’s a melon-y flavor but it’s not overpowering. The soda is sweet and creamy and perfectly carbonated and so refreshing! Most restaurants offer fountain melon soda, which is typically Fanta brand, and that’s the best way to enjoy a melon soda. But you can also find it canned or bottled in convenience stores and vending machines (and in Asian grocery stores here in the U.S.!)

Most of my melon soda consumption occurred at Mister Donut during this trip. During my alone time, I would often pop into Misdo in the afternoons and order one to sip on while I wrote postcards. (It’s easy for non-Japanese speakers to order a melon soda because it’s called “melon soda”.) Fanta, melon soda, Mister Donut, Japanese drinksCheers to melon soda…Japan Does It Better!

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