Let’s Go To The Garden!

Forest Park Community Garden Yesterday, Naoto had a day off so we headed to the garden for the first time this year to prepare ol’ plot #6 for another year of planting. We were afraid of what we would find, but thankfully, as you can see above, it wasn’t too bad. Actually, compared to the state the plot was in when we inherited it, this was a dream! Naoto and I tackled the weeds (and radishes?) together and we picked up the dried out tomatoes that were left behind last summer. Forest Park Community GardenJust like last year, the community garden had a bunch of mulch delivered for the garden plots. Naoto shoveled two wheelbarrows-full for me to spread over our plot. Forest Park Community Garden,  plot 6As I spread the mulch onto our plot, Naoto worked with a claw contraption and broke up the soil and incorporated the mulch into the old dirt. Forest Park Community Garden,  plot 6I used the claw while he was refilling the barrel–that thing provides a nice workout. Forest Park Community Garden,  plot 6Less than an hour later, our plot is ready for planting. Now we just need to decide what we are planting…

I’ve linked this post up with Mary’s monthly link-up celebrating nature. Thanks, Mary!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Garden!

  1. Yeah! Glad you’re doing this again. This coincides nicely with my nature link-up on my blog. 🙂

  2. […] furniture around. Hopefully we’ll make some progress out there this weekend (and in our community garden plot too!) and I’ll have more to share next […]

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