Shaking Cocktails at the North Shore Distillery

cocktail class at North Shore DistilleryEarlier this month, we headed back up to North Shore Distillery for a cocktail class. North Shore recently started offering cocktail classes in their tasting room. The classes teach basics of cocktail making through four seasonal cocktails, three are pre-determined and one is self-created. cocktail class at North Shore DistilleryWe had three people in our party (Brett, Naoto and me) and each cocktail is shared, so no one was drinking four entire cocktails. Naoto was our designated driver, only sampling a sip of each cocktail. There was also a snack spread with meats and cheeses, chips, salsa and cupcakes…perfect cocktail bites. There were more than twenty other people in the class, but it felt cozy and comfortable because the North Shore team created a really fun and laid back atmosphere. cocktail class at North Shore Distillerycocktail class at North Shore DistilleryBrett, Naoto and I split up the cocktail-making duties, squeezing, muddling, measuring and pouring our ways through the cocktail list. We made a Gin Smash (North Shore Gin No. 11, lemon, simple syrup and mint), a Moscow Mule (North Shore Vodka, lime and delicious Fever Tree ginger beer) and an Eden’s Prayer (North Shore Tahitian Vanilla Vodka, pomegranate, orange liqueur, and lime). Each one was light and perfect for spring. I now need a channel knife (shown by Brett above) so I can create lovely long spiral garnishes for my cocktails at home. cocktail class at North Shore DistilleryAnd, I don’t have a lemon squeezer (shown above) at home (we have a reamer style juicer) so it was fun to use one and experiment with a new tool. cocktail class at North Shore DistilleryFor our last cocktail, Brett, Naoto and I came up with the perfect combination of gin, citrus, herbal and sweet. I will share the recipe tomorrow.

(Because right now, I’m getting ready to watch the Blackhawks game and I’m going to need to make a cocktail!)

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2 thoughts on “Shaking Cocktails at the North Shore Distillery

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  2. […] of whimsey and usefulness to our kitchen counter. Naoto got me a new juicer (the kind I used at North Shore’s cocktail class) and this amazing vintage table runner. It’s currently residing on our dining room table. […]

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