Letter Month, Round-Up 2

letter month day 3 letter month day 4 letter month day 5 letter month day 6 letter month day 7 letter month day 8Welcome to the second installment of Letter Month mailings (Monday-Saturday). Even though I’ve sent out a total of fifteen pieces, I’m a little behind on sending out all of my Valentines. I’m hoping to get them all finished today  so they have a chance of getting to their destinations before the fourteenth. presley on top of the mailAnd because a Letter Month post wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Presley, here she is crushing some Valentines. Between Naoto spilling coffee on my cards and Presley crushing them, working at the dining room table has turned out to be a big mistake. Apologies in advance to Cath and Melissa for the kitty imprints on your letters.

How’s Letter Month going in your mailbox?

To see last week’s round-up, go here.

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2 thoughts on “Letter Month, Round-Up 2

  1. cath says:

    No worries I love cats.

  2. I didn’t notice a thing.

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