Making Some Changes

vintage postageLast week, I made the very difficult decision to give up the Mail Call volunteer work I’ve been doing with Honor Flight for the past two years.

In some ways, I’m very sad to leave the job. I loved packing the mail for those veterans. I loved seeing all of the creative and sweet letters that area school children wrote to the veterans. I loved hanging out with my volunteer friend Barb on the Friday night before the flight, eating dinner and packing up the mail together.

But I was feeling very worn out by the job at the end of last season and I wasn’t really looking forward to going back in April when our flight season resumes, so I decided to step away. After I made the decision, I felt sad and kind of like a quitter. I work with amazing volunteers who always seem to be taking on more, not less…it’s hard not to feel like a “slacker” when I compare myself to them. But I really want some freedom this summer–freedom to spend less time monitoring mail emails, freedom to travel with Naoto without the constraints of the Honor Flight schedule, freedom to not spend anymore beautiful sunny summer days inside sorting mail all day. (Last season, every single mail sorting day happened to be a perfect summer day…)

In the end, we all make choices about how we spend our time and I have to make the choice that is right for me.

Today I feel good about my decision and I’m looking forward to spending my time on fresh new adventures.

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4 thoughts on “Making Some Changes

  1. Holly F. says:

    I’m sad to hear this, but so, so thrilled to see you treat yourself kindly. I’m sure you will fill that newly-extra time with something smashing.

  2. Mom says:

    Know it was a hard decision to make but you worked hard & now it is time for you! Enjoy those warm summer days. More time to garden.

  3. cath says:

    I have inquired after it in my letter, that was before reading your blogpost about it now. I fully understand how difficult the decision must have been for you, as you have experienced the joy you brought through all that mail. And now it is time to let it go, trusting there will be someone else who takes over and knowing you have done a wonderful job.

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