Fifteen Minutes in a Cat Cafe

cat cafe JapanLet me tell you about the time Naoto & I spent 300 yen each to play with a stranger’s cats.

It all happened by accident. I hadn’t planned on going to a cat cafe–yes, a cat cafe…where you pay a cover charge to enter and play with cats, not to eat them, thankfully. But one morning, while we were exploring Shimokitazawa and waiting for the stores and restaurants to open, we happened upon Cateriam. We decided it would be a funny thing to do, and it turns out, it was the best part of that day! cat cafe JapanOur three hundred yen allowed us fifteen minutes to play with, pet, and take pictures of the variety of cats. There were about a dozen or so cats in a large room with a couch, chairs, cat towers and other furniture for the humans and the cats. There were tons of toys to promote play and interaction with the cats, too. There was another customer in the cafe who appeared to be a regular. She stayed a lot longer than we did. There was a small menu with drink and snack options and a gift shop, too!

The cats had access to a little room where they could escape human contact and take a nap or eat, so they weren’t trapped socializing the whole time. All of the cats were really friendly (Presley could never be a cat cafe cat!) Some were hiding out, and others were more playful and social. They each had a name and you could tell that the cat cafe owner, Shigemori-san really cared about each one and knew their personalities well. cat cafe JapanIMG_3570cat cafecat cafe Japancat cafe JapanThis cat was a big ol’ ragdoll and just flopped into my arms when Shigemori-san handed him to me. cat cafe Japan kimberlyahcat cafe JapanI played with this furry one, but he wouldn’t give the ball back. cat cafe JapanDuring our visit, the owner told us to go into the bathroom to see something “interesting”. The cats were helping themselves to some water! I took a little video of this guy lapping it up.

Although the visit made us miss little Presley even more, we both enjoyed our cat fix and experiencing something that seemed very “Japan”. Thumbs up for the cat cafe! Cateriam cat cafe Japan

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8 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes in a Cat Cafe

  1. Connie says:

    looks like a really cool place, miss my kitty, but Stan says no more so glad you had a wonderful trip

  2. Mom says:

    No. I don’t think Presley could stay there. Neither she or the customers would enjoy it. Does look like a really cool spot to hang out.

  3. CJ says:

    Hi Kimberly! I’m Naoto’s coworker CJ. I’ve been reading and enjoying your posts. I especially like this one. I would love to visit a cat cafe!

    • kimberly ah says:

      Hi CJ!
      Thanks for reading! The cat cafe has to be the weirdest thing we did in Japan, but really it was so fun! I love that Japan has so many quirky small businesses that seem to take off!

  4. uncustomary says:

    Okay, YES. My favorite is the one who wouldn’t give the ball back. This is something that needs to be everywhere.

  5. Nicole says:

    This is AWESOME. I remember reading about cat cafes, but I was so sure it was all make believe. If I ever visit Japan, this is first on my list to visit.

  6. cattreecity says:

    Wow a cat cafe what will they think of next…

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