Boxes of Brooches


Last week, I came home to a surprise package from Mary (of Tiny Plastic Pig fame). Mary and I have been writing letters for awhile now, and in one of her letters she asked if I wore accessories. I admitted that I rarely wear anything but my wedding ring and, when I do feel like being fancy, I have a collection of vintage brooches that I like to wear. She encouraged me to blog about my brooch collection. (And I will!)

So, what I shock to see a sweet note from Mary saying she was cleaning out her grandmother’s things and thought I would enjoy some of her brooches. Isn’t that the sweetest? And aren’t they beautiful? I especially love the black flower and the big pink iridescent flower. Even though Mary has never seen my collection, it was as if she knew what would complement it perfectly!

Thank you again, Mary! (And, of course, a proper thank you is in the mail!)


4 thoughts on “Boxes of Brooches

  1. naoto says:

    Wow those look awesome!

  2. Mom says:

    How thoughtful & really pretty.

  3. maryhassound says:

    I’m really glad you liked them. ❤

  4. […] brought us each a vintage pin. Mine is a groovy 1970s flower pin. Can you believe in all of my brooch collection, I don’t have a metal flower? It’s so much fun! It was a relaxing afternoon. […]

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