Mail That Made Me Squeal


Get it?

I think I should just give in and accept that February is officially going to be Pun Month because of all the Valentine puns out there.

The internet has done amazing things for my mailbox. Before joining the Letter Writers Alliance and Twitter, my postal fun consisted of mailing a bunch of cards and letters out and receiving “Hey, I got your card” emails in return. Being able to connect with other letter writing and mail art lovers on the internet has been not only rewarding for my mailbox, but for my creativity, too. Once I started receiving awesome envelopes from all over the world, I wanted to step up my own game, try to push the envelope (another pun!) and play more and use up my supplies.

I got an envelope full of mail goodness from Mary, a self-described life, mail and street art enthusiast whom I “met” on Twitter. Inside the envelope was a tiny pink plastic pig (pictured above).

It. Made. My. Day!

Right now he is sitting on my desk reminding me to keep it clean and to “live brilliantly” as Mary suggested. Thank you, Mary–a proper postal thank you will be coming your way this week!

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3 thoughts on “Mail That Made Me Squeal

  1. Mary says:

    ❤ I'm so glad you liked it !!

  2. naoto says:

    Awesome! Twitter or real life, a friend is a friend! This is the 21st century after all! 🙂 Am sure your old teacher would have a chuckle at this…

  3. […] week, I came home to a surprise package from Mary (of Tiny Plastic Pig fame). Mary and I have been writing letters for awhile now, and in one of her letters she asked if […]

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