Boston: Part 2

DSC_0008Day two was by far my favorite in our Boston getaway.

We spent the early afternoon at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. This was on our must-see list from the moment we started planning for Boston. I love JFK and the history of that time in America. We spent a few hours looking through the museum, but we could have spent days inside. I loved seeing the personal effects from Kennedy’s Oval Office desk, letters he wrote, hearing Jackie’s explanations of her White House years, and seeing pictures of the Kennedy clan sailing and summering along the Massachusetts beaches. I know that Presidential libraries give a rosy-colored view of a President’s place in history, but I still love the stories the JFK museum told.


After the museum, we headed over to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game. (The Green Monster is pictured above.) Fenway is the oldest ballpark in the Major Leagues, and catching a game there has been on my wish list since I was a kid. The Red Sox were playing the Toronto Blue Jays and I think the entire country of Canada came to see the game because the Jays fans were all over the stadium, which made it fun–lots of arguing among fans. (Boston takes their sports verrrrry seriously, which is why Naoto and I didn’t wear any Blackhawks gear on our trip!)


DSC_0025Naoto was very excited to see a Japanese pitcher come in for the Red Sox. Sadly for the Sox, Tazawa lost the game.

sweet carolineAt Fenway, they do the 7th inning stretch like all of the other ballparks, but in the eighth inning, the whole park sings Sweet Caroline. This was my favorite part (with a close second being the two loud-mouthed “ladies” sitting near us getting admonished by security for their behavior.) DSC_0038


cocktailsAfter the game, we walked to Basho, a modern sushi restaurant in the neighborhood. We enjoyed a lot of sushi and (as pictured above) a lot of Sapporo and sparkling wine. After dinner, we walked back to Fenway and had a drink at the bar in the outfield and then made the long walk back to Lauren and Mark’s (stopping at a bar along the way). It was a very full day!



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5 thoughts on “Boston: Part 2

  1. Mom says:

    Good pictures & fun times. Glad you got to see the JFK Museum. Sounds like a long day. Enjoyed your Blog.

  2. naoto says:

    Yay to vacay!

  3. danielle says:

    1. Sweet Caroline sung by a crowd at a ballgame! 2. Bubbly with sushi!

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