A Sunday in Spring


Sunday was the first day that had a real taste of spring in Chicago. It was warm enough to finally go coat-less and the sun was shining with a brightness that hasn’t been seen in months. Naoto and I took advantage of the warm afternoon and took a walk downtown Oak Park. We stopped at Sugar Fixe, a local pastry shop, for coffee and pie. (Lemon meringue–highly recommended!)

Sidenote: We sat at a table in the actual spot where Naoto and I had our very first conversation in 2001. Sugar Fixe replaced a children’s clothing store which replaced the coffee shop where we met.Β 

During our coffee break, I pulled out my camera and took a few shots of Naoto enjoying his coffee. I’m taking an online photography class this month and I’m trying to get more comfortable using my camera out in public. There is nothing more awkward than pulling out a big ol’ DSLR and then feeling like you are stumbling through your technique (if you can even call it “technique”). Naoto was my model as I played around with depth of field.

DSC_0079 DSC_0081 DSC_0082 DSC_0083 DSC_0088 DSC_0089

A perfect day for practicing…

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4 thoughts on “A Sunday in Spring

  1. Naoto says:

    Great photos but I look super old!

  2. Shannan says:

    The photos are great! I have always wanted a big, nice camera but would have no idea how to use it! It’s awesome you are taking an online course to learn more. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  3. […] store down the block that had previously been the coffee shop where Naoto and I met (recently seen here). Naoto pulled me over to the Rocking Horse’s big windows. There were baby swimsuits on […]

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