Kimberly AH One Year Later


I started this blog one year ago today.*

I’m one of those people who starts a journal and gives up after a few days, so I’m happy to know that I can stick with something and document a small piece of my life somewhere, even if it’s not on paper (my preferred medium).

In my first year around here I started a few series, and though I know I cannot promise to bring them all back with any sense of regularity, I do have every intention of sharing the rest of our home with you, to share more from the Little Red Toolbox and to attempt a few more Homemaker’s Challenges. Stay tuned…

Thank you to everyone who reads along, comments and shares this space with me. The internet is an odd place, but without it, I’m not sure where I would have found so many friends who like to talk about letter writing, postage stamps, crafts and cocktails…you guys are my favorites.

*I actually had a blog before this at (the link now leads you back here) where I blogged about pretty much the same thing I blog about here (everything? …nothing?). My mom was pretty much my only reader. I blogged as the “underachiever” on a now-dufuct platform–iWeb (there’s a reason iWeb didn’t last!) and now the archives have been moved over to WordPress but sadly without pictures…which, even though they are mediocre pictures, they tell a large part of the story… Someday maybe I’ll add them back in…or not.


3 thoughts on “Kimberly AH One Year Later

  1. Mom says:

    Congratulations! A year is a good start. A lot of us has enjoyed your updates. Good recipes, crafts etc. Thank You for continuing to share.

  2. Presley & Naoto says:

    Wow, time flies! We love your blog 🙂

  3. […] apparently I document this tree branch from my balcony to celebrate. (See last year’s post here.) Thank you for another year […]

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