Magically Delicious


I am a donut lover.

While Dunkin Donuts will do in a pinch, I really prefer smaller donut shops (and Japan’s very own Mister Donut). Last year we discovered Glazed & Infused, a Chicago donut shop that is close to Naoto’s office. Every once in awhile, upon request, Naoto will come home with a donut for me…usually lemon or vanilla bean.

Monday, when Glazed & Infused tweeted a picture of this week’s special–a Lucky Charms donut in honor of St. Patrick’s Day–I told Naoto I wanted one and he came through, delivering a giant Lucky Charms donut to me at work last night. I love Lucky Charms…those tiny marshmallows make me ridiculously happy. Lucky Charms on a vanilla bean glazed donut…imagine a sugar high that rivals your biggest childhood Halloween. And this donut is enormous…it’s sitting on a salad plate in my picture above. I ate half of it last night and instantly fell into a sugar coma. I finished it off for breakfast this morning. I would have shared it, but no one at work or at home (including Presley) thought it sounded good enough to try…they don’t know what they’re missing! It was definitely a one-time treat for me, but I’m glad I tried it.

I’m going to use my sugar rush to power through the rest of the kitchen today. The pantry is organized, the drawers are almost done…it’s looking good in there. Now that I have the carrot of spring dangling ahead of me, I’m more than motivated to get this home-stuff done!



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