Monday, Monday


Happy Monday! Last week’s work schedule took over and I’ve become a third shift sleeper, hence the lack of blog posts (mostly because there is of a lack of sunlight for taking pictures when you sleep until the afternoon). But the weekend was a good one! Naoto didn’t work on Friday night (a huge rarity around here) so we drove out to Sankyu (for the fourth time in three weeks!) and had dinner together. For once it was me who was begging to eat there…my craving for a tekka roll (tuna & wasabi roll) could not be contained!

On Saturday, I didn’t sleep until the afternoon. Naoto & I both got up pretty early and got juice and coffee from the Juice Joint, out latest neighborhood obsession. I made us breakfast sandwiches on Hippo rolls from the Mitsuwa marketplace. Then we headed into the city so I could attend the latest letter social held by the Letter Writers Alliance. I only wrote one postcard, one note and one letter but I had so much fun talking stamps and mail and typewriters with the other ladies in attendance. My outgoing mail is pictured at the top, including my new flying envelope stamp (an LWA members -only item) & a Month of Letters postcard.


After the social, we sped home so I could make homemade ricotta and tomato jam for my work party later Saturday night. (Isn’t Linda’s fireplace cozy?) And on Sunday, I slept so late that I almost missed a lunch date! In the evening we hosted our neighbor friends for a gin tasting and Golden Globe watching party. Whew! It was a busy weekend for us! Hopefully this week I can get back on a “normal” sleeping schedule–there is a lot to do around here!

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