St Francis Hangs Out In Elevators


Late last Thursday night Naoto came bounding into our apartment as usual. But this time he was laughing because there was “a statue in the elevator!” I didn’t really understand what he meant, but we both went down the hall and he hit the elevator button, the doors opened and there was St Francis! I giggled and said we had to take him home because he was the patron saint of animals and because he could startle the next elevator riders and give them a heart attack! (We live in a building where it could happen!)

So Naoto carried him home, and then turned around and carried him back to the elevator so I could snap this picture. (Thanks, Naoto!) Now St. Francis is living in our entryway, but I have hopes of moving him into the living room until spring when he will go out to the balcony (to live among the birds and the flowers).

I’ve been wanting a statue for the balcony since we moved in and Naoto never takes the elevator, so I think it’s a sign that St. Francis was meant to move into our home. Thanks to our quirky, kind, mystery neighbor for leaving him in the elevator!

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One thought on “St Francis Hangs Out In Elevators

  1. Hubster says:

    I am glad you like ot because that thing weighed 7 tons…

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