New Stationery


Naoto has been working a lot lately. I mean, he always works a lot…between his translation job and Trader Joe’s, the man clocks a lot of hours. But lately, he’s been clocking seeeerious hours. He worked on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which would have been really annoying if I hadn’t been still recovering from the flu. He’s been staying late to work on translation stuff at his office when he doesn’t have to go to Trader Joe’s, and when he does have to go to Trader Joe’s, he comes home and works on translation stuff all through the night. On Saturday (his only day off each week) he went into the office and put in a full day of work. He felt really bad about leaving me home alone (well, with Presley) again…

So, when he got home on Saturday night, he came bearing gifts…I know, I know…no gift will ever make up for the time we missed together, but it’s still nice to be thought of!

He brought me some new teas and this gorgeous, elegant, grown-up stationery. It is made by le typographe in Brussels and the paper has a beautiful weight. I wrote my first letter on it early on New Year’s Eve morning and writing a letter has never felt like more of a luxury. Most of my stationery collection (which by the way takes up an entire dresser drawer…and then some) is whimsical and colorful…I’m happy he chose something more sophisticated to add to my collection. And a big thank you to Chandra at Greer for helping Naoto pick something perfect from all of Greer’s beautiful choices!

Here’s to writing more letters in 2013!

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One thought on “New Stationery

  1. […] I am going to use up ALL of my stationery (I’ve actually been doing well using up this lovely stuff Naoto bought me!) I am going to fearlessly use my typewriter, knowing I can easily buy more ribbon […]

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