Master Bath Progress…Day 1

Thursday was demo day in the bathroom. I tried not to look–demolition mess makes me a little nuts. It always seems like an insurmountable disaster, even if I’m not the one cleaning it up. But, I did look, and it wasn’t too scary…

The crazy loud noises scared the bejeezus out of Presley, but after about an hour of hammering, sawing, beating and breaking, she got used to it and decided to take a nap on the couch (as opposed to staring wide-eyed from under the couch). And honestly, the sound of the bathtub being sawed (?) apart made me want to hide under the couch! (Please excuse the furry floor…my housekeeping is suffering this week…every week!)

It was a little awkward seeing our toilet being rolled out on a dolly…and even more awkward seeing it sitting in the middle of the (shared) garage…but these things happen, I guess.

Brett (our neighbor friend), Naoto & I went to the city for some tea and some lunch and by the time we got home, our contractor was gone and the place was all cleaned up. This is what remained of the bathroom.

Next up: the build out…

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