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This week’s favorite crafting item from the little red toolbox comes from the land of my ancestors. (It is made in Italy for those of you who haven’t read this post.) My Coccoina glue stick is my favorite glue stick, not because of its superior effectiveness compared to other (cheaper) glue sticks I’ve used, but because of its amazing smell. Those of you who make stuff know that good smells and crafting often do not go hand in hand…but the Coccoina glue stick smells deliciously of marzipan. That is the only reason I bought it in the first place, but upon further research, I’ve learned that Coccoina is very eco-friendly–it is made with almond oil and potato starch and is so pure, you could eat it. (I’m kidding…but it does smell good enough to eat!) Coccoina has been making paste since 1927 and they still use their original recipe. I use mine mainly for mail art…it is perfect for paper-to-paper gluing. But it also works with cloth and photographs, making it perfect for collage and scrapbooking.

I know I can buy a box of Elmer’s glue sticks for next to nothing during back-to-school sales, but for me, the $6 I paid for my giant 40-gram Coccoina is well worth the aromatherapy crafting.

*The blue books in my mail art above were drawn by Donovan. They were a part of the stationery she created for the last LWA letter social.

*This and all posts about my little red toolbox are not sponsored posts. I just thought it would be fun to share my favorite tools for paper crafting. For more about my little red toolbox, go here.

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2 thoughts on “my little red toolbox | coccoina glue

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