more neon love

Last week, I mailed a thank you to a friend. She tweeted that she liked this, and so I ordered it (oh, and one for myself in grey), waited three weeks for it to arrive, and then finally wrapped it up in a kraft envelope with some twine, glitter and washi tape, packed it up with some Japanese treats (all of my favorites from the Japanese grocery store) and mailed it on its way.

I know summer is fading but my love for neon isn’t going anywhere… Neon isn’t really a “fall thing” so I’m going to soak up (and use up!) all of the neon while I can.

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3 thoughts on “more neon love

  1. Hubby says:

    Wasn’t neon also popular in the 70s?

  2. A real thank you will come, but in the meantime, again I say…I love it! The whole package! Thank you for being awesome!

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