soaking up summer

When our neighbor friends, Brett & Stacy, asked me to go to the game with them on Wednesday, I hesitated. I had Honor Flight that day, and usually value my sleep between the 3-8am and the 7-11pm shifts. But, I decided that I haven’t been living enough lately, so I made the choice to skip sleep and go do something fun. I am so glad I did.

It was a perfect day at the ballpark…sunny and clear, but not too hot because our seats were in the shade! And we were right behind home plate and high enough to see everything and enjoy a breeze! We couldn’t have asked for anything more–except maybe a win for the home team!

For those of you unfamiliar with Wrigley Field, the scoreboard is the famed part of the ballpark. The board is still updated manually by actual humans who move giant number placards in place for each run. Don’t you think that would be such a fun job?

Speaking of fun jobs, I’ve always thought it would be an honor to be a part of the grounds crew at Wrigley. Yes, in reality it would be a hot job, and quite stressful having to meticulously maintain the beautiful grass and ivy…but how amazing would it be to roll out the giant tarp for a rain delay! (I also realize that the dead viola and fruitless tomato plant on my balcony makes my gardening resume less than ideal for a career in maintaining a well-known field.)

The Cubs usually have a famous person sing the 7th inning stretch. This time, it was former pitcher Steve Trout. See how close we were to the press box?

See how clear and blue the sky was? I’m so glad I chose to see it instead of sleeping the day away! When my head hit the pillow Wednesday night (or really, Thursday morning) I felt like I had soaked up every moment.

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One thought on “soaking up summer

  1. Mom says:

    Glad you got a beautiful day to enjoy. Just watched the owner on undercover boss the other night change the numbers on the scoreboard. Excellent view. Hope you got rested up from your extremely long day.

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