mary, mary, quite contrary…

…How does your garden grow?

Yesterday was perfectly spring…so I decided to skip cleaning and head outside to work on the balcony garden. First stop: Menards to buy some flowers and some new pots. Last year, I had good luck with geraniums–they bloomed constantly and all but a few (weaklings) stayed alive–so I bought eight new geraniums, two violas, a Shasta daisy and a teeny, tiny balloon flower (it was 99 cents and it was so small that it got lost in my back seat on the ride home). You can see them all (except the balloon flower) packed in the granny cart above. I spent the rest of the day re-potting my new flowers, re-potting the old ones, sweeping the floor and dragging out the rest of the balcony furniture. It made me smile this morning when I peeked out to greens & pinks & purples instead of the wintry drear.

There is still work to be done (like the dreaded task of washing the sliding doors!) but having blooming flowers feels like a giant leap into warm weather. I can already feel myself out there reading a book and drinking coffee (or a cocktail) this summer!

3 thoughts on “mary, mary, quite contrary…

  1. Mom says:

    Very pretty!!! Hope your garden grows well this year.

  2. I got myself some fresh potted flowers yesterday. And ALL my windows need to be washed. Why did you remind me? 😉

  3. […] looked back into the blog archives to find that in 2012, I was all planted by May 9th. And last summer, I was potting flowers on May 15th. This year…well it’s May 23rd and […]

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