Japan Does It Better 26

Japan really knows how to bathe. Their bathtubs are so dreamy, deep enough to sit in and have the water come above your shoulders for a nice, hot soak. And they have tons of bathing accessories from little stools to sit on in the shower (hello, shaving!) to buckets for rinsing off specific places.

This body towel is one of my favorite shower accessories. It’s like one 3-foot long scrubbie. The body towels are made of nylon and unlike the “American” poufs, they can be hung to dry between showers without getting gross. They can also be washed and disinfected with your regular towels. There are different versions–this one produces extra lather without using a lot of soap, hence the name “bubble rich.”

The body towel is long–about three feet–so you can scrub all of those impossible-to-reach parts of your back. And they are so good for exfoliating. The Bubbrich is a gentle scrub, but Naoto uses a rugged body towel that is extra exfoliating. (I like this kind in the winter when I’m battling dry, itchy skin.)

Delightfully exfoliating body towels…just another example of how Japan Does It Better! (For the rest of them, go here!)

If you go to Japan, you can find all kinds of these towels in touristy areas, but I’d recommend shopping in regular drugstores for one. There is more variety and much cheaper prices.

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One thought on “Japan Does It Better 26

  1. Cindy R. says:

    I love your Japan Does It Better posts!

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