Vintage Postage Mail

Happy Monday! It is gorgeous out today and I’m looking forward to some lanai time this afternoon. We’ve been enjoying cooler temperatures and no humidity all weekend and it just feels so good to open the windows and take a break from the air conditioner. Today I’m sharing some of the mail I’ve been sending out lately. I’ve been using a lot of vintage postage on my letters instead of washi tape and other decorations. It’s been fun piecing together random stamps or theme stamps. I’ve been able to take some time to sift through my collection since I reorganized everything after last month’s stamp show. I don’t think my system is perfect by any means, but it has helped me use up more of my stash, so I guess it’s working for me. Maybe I should share here? It’s also helped that I’m pretty caught up on my mail, so writing a few letters and finding stamps for them isn’t overwhelming me like it might when I have a huge stack of letters to return. And Naoto has been taking my letters to the River Forest Post Office for hand cancellation. He’s made friends with Paul and Vicky who are both amazing and friendly and efficient dreamboats. You don’t have to have your vintage postage hand cancelled, but if you don’t, your stamps are at risk of getting a big black sharpie mark swiped across them…it’s very sad. (I was trying to find an example in my mail but I can’t so I’ll send you here if you’d like to see what I mean.)Sharpie mail makes me so sad, but I get it…time is of the essence at the USPS and they have to cancel the stamps so that people won’t re-use them. To me, it’s worth saving up a few letters to get them hand-cancelled. I have broken into a number of complete sheets and it feels so good! I use a tape runner to attach the stamps. I am a bit of a germphobe so I try not to lick things that have been handled by many people. (Some of the vintage postage comes in plastic protector sleeves, but some comes naked.) Also, I’ve had stamps fall off on the way to their destination so a permanent adhesive ensures all postage survives the trip.  These were some of my favorites–thank you notes to book club friends who I know would appreciate the literary stamps! Fun fact: out of all of those stamps, we have read everything except Emily Dickinson (because we don’t read poetry. Oh, and I guess we didn’t technically read Little House on the Prairie but we read Farmer Boy and The Long Winter so it counts in my book!)

So that’s my mail for the past few weeks. I’ve sent some letters with the new Sesame Street stamps too…they are so cute and I’m just really excited to see Guy Smiley get his due.

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8 thoughts on “Vintage Postage Mail

  1. Laura says:

    These are awesome!! I had a huge childhood stamp collection, many were postmarked stamps, but a few were new ones. In the last couple years I’ve been using the new ones when I need an odd amt of postage. However, I am always hesitant to use them – using something one of a kind. Well, I know not literally one of a kind but I’ll likely not have those same unique older stamps again. And will my recipient really appreciate the unique envelope and save it forever? (haha)

    • kimberly ah says:

      Most people will notice, even if they aren’t “mail people” in my experience. 🙂 I do have a hard time using the singles in my stash…I need to find a nice balance between being a user and a collector!

  2. Laura says:

    Reblogged this on Enough Light and commented:
    Kimberly Ah has a great post today showing pictures of her outgoing mail where she has used vintage postage stamps.

  3. […] Kimberly Ah had a really great post today with photos of her outgoing mail using vintage postage stamps. Link here: Vintage Postal Mail […]

  4. Cindy R. says:

    That dreaded black sharpie swipe! I know someone whose lovely mail seems to particularly suffer from this 😦

    I’m happy to report that your mail to me arrived in great condition. I loved the stamps you chose!

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