Plot #6: Still Planting 


Naoto and I spent some time in the garden on Memorial Day. It rained a lot in the morning but by afternoon it was pretty good gardening weather. I love working in the dirt after it rains. Weeds come out like buttah, transplants nestle easily into the moist soil, and best of all, I don’t have to drag the hose out.   I gave up on both of my tomatoes that I’d started from seed and attempted to transplant. (I have a couple more seedlings on the balcony…we’ll see if they ever get big enough to move over.) Since I “only” had three tomato plants, I impulsively bought a Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato plant over the weekend. I’m excited to see the vines dripping with tiny tomatoes. (Hopefully.) 

I also planted a thyme plant and some basil and dill seeds. And that’s all for now. I still have four squares that are empty! I wanted to buy some golden beets, but I didn’t see and seeds at the garden shop this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have some time to make use of those four feet before the tomatoes take over! 

A huge thanks to Laura for watering our plot while we are gone! 

2 thoughts on “Plot #6: Still Planting 

  1. If you like radishes, they grow very quickly. It’s about 30 days from seed to harvest. Happy gardening!

  2. Laura A says:

    It’s been easy so far, lots of rain!

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