Vintage Postcards Are Delightful

vintage postcards, The Casino Forest Park and Abe & Mary LincolnMy pen pal Ryan is a frequenter of the Vintage Paper Fair in San Francisco. Last month he sent me a couple of fantastic old postcards from his shopping adventure. The top one, featuring my favorite president Abe Lincoln and his wife Mary, is unused. I’m not sure if Ryan knew I was a fan of Abe or if this was just a coincidence, but I’m excited to display the postcard with my mini Abe collection this month! vintage postcard, The Casino Forest ParkThe second card was mailed from Chicago in 1911. It shows The Casino in my very own Forest Park, Illinois!! I had to do some research to see where The Casino was located, most likely down by the shopping area along Roosevelt. I might need to visit the Forest Park Historical Society soon to learn more. vintage postcard, 1 cent postageThe postcard was sent to Clara in Wisconsin. The note is hard to decipher (maybe someone else can read it better?) but I believe it says:

Can’t you send about 300 $ bills to Mak. Would like to bring Fields stinb(?) with me. Get the book. Lee

I love having a tiny piece of someone’s Forest Park history in my hand. What luck it was for Ryan to find a card from my little city!

Thanks, Ryan, for thinking of me in your vintage paper adventures!


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3 thoughts on “Vintage Postcards Are Delightful

  1. naoto says:

    You have a good friend ๐Ÿ™‚

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