Japanese Class, Take Two

japanese language workbooksI signed up for another session of Japanese classes and they begin tonight! Naoto even called to make sure the class wasn’t going to get cancelled and he got the book list in advance, so I am extra prepared with my shiny new workbooks. I think poor Naoto thinks I’m going to be some Japanese speaking whiz after classes, but I have very little hope for myself…I just want to be able to order coffee and talk about craft supplies. Anything else is just bonus.

4 thoughts on “Japanese Class, Take Two

  1. Naoto says:

    I have faith in you that you will come out of the class, super fluent in Japanese 😉 がんばって!

  2. […] taunting me and the money I’d wasted. But, now that I’ve had some practice during my Japanese class, I’m using them! I’m still pretty slow, but I can usually pick the right sounds for […]

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