Aaaaaaand, Disappointment

Presley nappingMy Japanese class was cancelled due to low enrollment. The school called on Monday and left a voicemail on our land line (yes, we still have a land line…we are your grandparents) and I figured they were just calling to remind me about the class or to tell me which room it would be in. Yesterday afternoon I listened to the voice mail and I got the news. (Thankfully I didn’t GO to the class to get the news!) I’m so bummed. I was all excited to learn again, especially something useful for our travels next year. But, it’s not meant to be right now. And that’s okay. I’ll just commiserate with this sweet face until I feel better.

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2 thoughts on “Aaaaaaand, Disappointment

  1. juliamonroe says:

    Aw. Oh how disappointing! I had a class get cancelled once. I was looking forward to it for at least six months and practically giddy the last week so I know what a dreadful disappointment that is. I was near tears. I hope another class is offered that you can attend.
    We got rid of our land line when the service kept rising in cost. But my mom still has a rotary phone and I love dialing it! Who would have guessed that a phone that was so annoying back then (numbers with 9’s and 0’s took forever to dial) ended up being so cool now.

  2. Aw I’m sorry to hear that, lady.

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