Mom’s Arbor

handmade arborFor Mother’s Day this year, my dad built my mom a fantastic Asian-inspired arbor to frame the steps to their backyard. He finished it in July and Naoto and I got a chance to see it in person over the weekend. handmade arborWhen we were growing up, our yard was pretty plain, mostly grass and a giant vegetable garden. Now that my parents are semi-retired, they spend a lot of time gardening and collecting a variety of perennial flowers and greenery. The arbor adds a little architectural touch to their otherwise free-flowing garden. my parent's backyardThey found the design for the arbor in a thrifted old woodworking book that is full of projects for yards and patios. It’s amazing the gems you can find in seemingly outdated books! my parent's backyard at my parent's housemy parent's backyard my parent's backyardmy parent's backyardmy parent's backyardNot that we would ever want to make Presley jealous, but we kind of fell in love with my parents’ neighborhood cat, Fred. Fred isn’t really his name. My dad just calls him that. He originally belonged to my parents’ neighbor but now just kind of divides his time among the houses on their block. He was super laid back, fell in love with Naoto and charmed us into petting him every time we went outside. If we didn’t think Presley would eat him, we might have brought him home with us! But as my dad said…”Fred wouldn’t stand a chance around Presley.”

5 thoughts on “Mom’s Arbor

  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for sharing my thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Your Dad is so talented. Phred is a loving cat. Enjoyed attention from Nita & Ashley yesterday. Erin is allergic. He enjoyed his evening with the two of us last night. Think Phred is a little lonely since you left!! But, don’t think Presley would be nice to Phred.

  2. Kate says:

    Fred is BEAUTIFUL.

  3. cath says:

    What a beautiful garden your parents have made and I love the arbor. I remember your dad can make lovely birdshouses but this is really exquisite.

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