A String of Lazy Days



I scored a really light work schedule this week (and next!) Unfortunately, any dreams of getting a ton done around the house have vanished. Presley and I have been such lazies for the past three days! I’ve been updating my calendar & address book, reading bits of books, watching TV, catching up on photography homework, playing fetch, cooking lazy meals (fried rice is surprisingly easy!) and nap roaming (where Presley & I move from room to room in a long string of catnaps…Presley is pictured lazing on the Roseanne couch, which really should be donated but P & I both love it).

In all fairness, I thought I’d be outside on the balcony sweeping and putting the furniture out for the spring or shopping for vegetable seeds for my community garden plot…but spring is never coming, it seems and I still haven’t heard from the community garden yet!

I’m at the mercy of Mother Nature and the community gardeners…


3 thoughts on “A String of Lazy Days

  1. mylivoniaranchhome says:

    We’ve felt pretty lazy around here too. Must be the lack of spring. (Presley looks defeated) 😉

  2. Erica says:

    I’m happy to see that you still have that couch (and the cat)!

  3. […] after posting this on Thursday night, I got an email welcoming me to the Forest Park Community Garden! They assigned […]

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