I realized I should probably wait to show you the Thanksgiving invitation until it actually makes its way out into the world. So, give John-the-Mailman a couple of days to make that happen.

(But I also warn you…the invitations are not very exciting…and they tried my patience like crazy.)

However, in the course of thinking about our Thanksgiving invitations and Christmas cards, I found a new & interesting ink. It is Winsor & Newton’s Metallic Gold Drawing Ink. I only found it by accident while I was looking for (and not finding) gold sumi ink at Blick. I love the little old fashioned box, but I was mostly intrigued by the words on the box: a non water-resistant ink made from bronze suspended in a gum solution. If sparkly gold particles suspended in liquid doesn’t sound like fun, I don’t know what does. When I opened the bottle last night and started stirring, I could see the tiny gold sparkles swimming around in the bottle. A splash of ink flew out while I was stirring and even the splash was gorgeous as the bits of gold settled into the paper. It was love at first stir for me!

I am completely incapable when it comes to calligraphy. But this ink makes me want to try again. Ahhh, to pen my own invitations with this golden ink…. (Someday, maybe…) Until then, I will paint in gold. I used a thin watercolor brush to paint branches and feathers and I attempted to write “thanks” with the brush (big fail). I painted on Paper Source’s aubergine (because I was using it for the Thanksgiving invitations) and some lovely (and cheap) 140 pound watercolor paper. The gold flecks are more apparent on the watercolor paper, but I think both papers show off the ink well. (And none of my pictures capture the beauty of the ink.)

Once I make up with my sewing machine (oh, did it ever give me problems on those invitations!), I have another idea for a garland. But it might take me awhile to get the nerve up to sew again.


7 thoughts on “Obsessed…

  1. this sounds like a very fun item to add to my supplies…did it come in other colors too?

  2. Alex says:

    I like it’s simplicity. I might have to find some of this ink.

  3. […] They were much more layered and complicated and perfect in there. But, they also didn’t have fancy gold artist ink on them…or feathers…those were happy surprises. Oh, and I am not a designer. At all. […]

  4. […] because I leave it for the last minute! I’m thinking candles, kraft paper, my new favorite gold paint, and feathers will be involved…but that’s all I’ve got. Hopefully I’ll be […]

  5. […] accident. On Wednesday night I cut a long sheet of kraft paper and made a table runner. I used my fancy gold paint to draw feathers and polka dots. My mom brought up some pheasant feathers (from my dad’s […]

  6. […] a gift card, a phone cover & car charger (much needed!) and (as pictured above) a bottle of my favorite new ink in silver, a new zine from Marissa and a place card rubber stamp from Yellow Owl Workshop. […]

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