For the Hand of a Giant

My parents are the best thrifters. They find the best stuff for a fraction of the cost it would be online or here in my thrift stores. And they know me so well. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, but I felt like it was MY Christmas because they had a bag of thrifted treats for me. It’s hard to play favorites, but this giant price stamp takes the cake! It’s about nine inches long and stamps numbers that are about one inch high.

Here it is next to my “normal-sized” date stamp. How fun would it be to stamp a zip code on a letter with this guy?

I’m in love. It still works, but even if it didn’t, I would still be in love.

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8 thoughts on “For the Hand of a Giant

  1. Hubster says:

    That stamp is so big! I wonder what it was used for before?

  2. Nicole says:

    Oh man, I love it! I’d stamp everything in sight!

  3. Mom says:

    Glad you like it.

  4. reretro says:

    wow, i want your folks do you ever hire them out?

  5. […] Done, right? Well, no. I had to make a mess of things and try to stamp the year on the top with my giant number stamp. But I didn’t press down hard enough and the numbers were messed up so I had to write over […]

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