the art of relaxation


As a former workaholic (and a current lover of relaxation), it is sometimes a challenge to be married to a workaholic. My husband works two job, not because one job doesn’t pay the bills, but because he LOOOOVES both jobs and can’t imagine giving up either career. Naoto excels at both jobs and he looks forward to going to work. He has boundless energy…he works from 8-4ish, comes home and goes straight to his other job from 6-11ish. Then, he usually comes home and happily scoops out the litter box, takes out the recycling and cooks himself a snack. Sometimes, he sweeps the floor. Sometimes, he empties the dishwasher. Sometimes, he washes a dish or two. (I am terrible about leaving wine glasses next to the sink to be washed “tomorrow”.) People often wonder if he’s on drugs. Unless you count the copious amounts of coffee he drinks, no, he is not on drugs. On Saturdays–his only day off–he does sleep in…a lot. And then he gets up, runs out for coffee and sweeps the floor and takes out the garbage. On his occasional weeknight off and on Sunday evenings, Naoto almost always cooks dinner. He loves cooking–it might be his only hobby (outside his second job).

So, last month, I encouraged the workaholic to take off work from both jobs on Memorial Day. He was hesitant, but I insisted. He hasn’t really had a vacation since we went to Japan last year, and he usually works at his second job on national holidays (when he’s off from his first job). Everyone needs a little holiday every now and again. And I didn’t want us to have major plans–just let Sunday afternoon and Monday set the tone.

I think Naoto appreciated the fine art of relaxation as we sat outside drinking wine {Sidenote: If you haven’t tried Darkhorse, they make a delicious cabernet that sells at Trader Joe’s for a mere $7} and reading books and chatting about summer. I think he felt a small sigh of relief that there was no alarm, no place to go, no one to see, no pressure, no obligation. He didn’t even cook dinner.

Of course, he bounded out of bed this morning, ready to tackle a new week. That’s my workaholic.

One thought on “the art of relaxation

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