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The LWA Holiday Letter Social

vintage Christmas StampsTomorrow, I’ll be joining Kathy and Donovan for the LWA Holiday Virtual Letter Social. We’ll be writing out our holiday cards and chatting about postal and non-postal topics (the subject of cocktails usually comes up!) So get out your Christmas cards and a cup of tea and join in!

Have you gotten any cards yet? My Aunt Karen was the first this year, closely followed by Ryan, whose card came from the North Pole again!

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Letter Social at the Forest Park Library on Sunday! 

  The ladies from the Letter Writers Alliance will be in Forest Park on Sunday to host their last in-person letter social of the year! I’ll be there catching up on my letter piles and (probably more likely) chatting with other letter writing fans from my neighborhood. If you feel like joining in, here are the details. 
P.S. Super fantastic postcard pictured above is from Craftgasm’s Shop

LWA Virtual Letter Social

#LWAsocialI’m super-behind on my letter responses again. I pretty much haven’t written a letter (just a few birthday cards and thank you notes) since my last catch-up post. So apparently, I’m a binge-letter writer.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to think about mail until Sunday when the Letter Writers Alliance is hosting a Virtual Letter Social. Basically on Sunday (anytime, all time zones) if you are writing a letter, know that there will be a whole community of letter writers writing along with you. If you’re social media inclined, you can share your progress (and “socialize” with other letter writers) on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #lwasocial. I’m looking forward to enjoying a cup of coffee and writing a bunch of letters on my balcony…in my pajamas.

I hope to see you there!

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Spooky Saturday: Halloween Letter Social

Royal typewriterLast Saturday was Halloween themed. After the Casket Races on Saturday morning, I went to a Halloween Letter Social at Pieritz Bros. The Letter Writers Alliance once again teamed up with everyone’s favorite office supply store to host letter writing and typewriter typing. I used that festive orange number up above…it typed like a dream in a lovely cursive and I was able to crank out three letters during the social. LWA Letter Socialinks at Pieritz BrosThanks to the Halloween Mail Art Workshop, the Letter Social, and a letter writing cram session on Monday morning, I have almost caught up on my correspondence. Almost. Halloween Mail ArtHalloween Mail ArtHalloween Mail ArtI used some of my vintage postage, but I really loved the look of the Johnny Cash stamp on the black envelopes.

It feels good to be participating in the world of mail again. Presley on mail

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Packing for a Letter Social


On Saturday, the Letter Writers Alliance is hosting yet another letter social and this time, it’s right in my neighborhood (sort of) at Pieritz Brothers in Oak Park! I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I lived a mere three blocks from Pieritz for two years (eleven years ago!) and I’ve only been in the store a handful of times. It is a Chicagoland treasure, and I plan to make up for my absence this year!

I’m packing my letter writing bag for the social and I thought I’d share what supplies I bring along to a letter social. Of course, you really just need a pen and paper and a letter recipient in mind, but I like to bring a few extras to spice up the mail experience.

Every time I go, I take a slightly different variety of things. For instance, in March, since the social happened just before St. Patrick’s Day, I brought a bunch of green stuff–shamrock stickers, tapes, pens and labels. This month, I’m going with more of a spring variety. I keep everything in separate little bags so I can take out what I need as I work and I’m not spreading out all over the table and taking up too much space. I have my pencil bag, a pouch for supplies and an air mail pouch for my stationery and letters.


In my pencil bag, I always carry a few different pen styles. This time, I have my favorite Pilot Frixions, my Pilot Varsity and a Le Pen or two. I’m very moody about what I write with, so I like to have a few options to choose from. I also carry a tiny stapler and tiny scissors along with a tape runner and a glue pen in the bag just in case I want to add mail art bits to the envelope.


In my little red cat pouch, I carry a small variety of rubber stamps, washi tapes and one ink pad. I usually have a color scheme to work from–this time it’s mainly pinks and blues and yellows for spring.


Finally, in my Air Mail pouch, I carry the rest of the mail essentials: letters to be returned, postage stamps, labels and stickers, my Letter Ledger (to track my outgoing letters), a few business cards (in case I meet someone new!), my mini address book, and paper and envelopes. This month I have spring flower postage–the cherry blossoms and Lady Bird Johnsons–along with some spring-colored labels and chick stickers.

Donovan & Kathy always offer a nice supply of paper, envelopes, rubber stamps, inks, washi tapes, pens, typewriters and even have postage on hand, but I like to bring some of my own things because there is no shortage of paper around here and because I enjoy theme-y stacks of mail.

Did I miss anything? Would you take more, or would you just show up with a pen ready to go?

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Letter Writing Social

This weekend, I went to another letter writing social hosted by the Letter Writers Alliance. I try to go as often as possible…because I like writing letters and seeing other people who do too, and because seeing other people creating mail art inspires me to do create some myself. I cranked out four letters during the social, and another one yesterday morning and plopped them all into the mail box this morning. Two letters, just because, to my sister-in-law and my dear friend, one pen pal letter, one overdue thank you and one letter to include with some recipes that I could have emailed (but it was way more fun writing them out on old fashioned recipe cards!)

Other than letter writing, it’s been pretty quiet around here. I’m trying to reclaim the guest room and dining room from the Honor Flight mail call mess. Oh, and my own mess.


National Card & Letter Writing Month

Is it really April? Is anyone sure about what day it is anymore?

Well, it IS April, and that means it’s National Card and Letter Writing Month!  This is usually one of my favorite months! I had so many plans! I was going to host a letter writing party! I was going to decorate with alllll my good postal finds! I was going to start a little letter writing meet-up! (More on that later!) I had so many blog posts planned!

Because of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, I can’t have a party or host a meet-up, but I can do the rest, so I think I’d better get started.

I hope you’re doing well and finding things that bring you joy while you’re at home.

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Letters & Libations Stationery

letters & libations stationery, donovan beeson, letters and libations birthday party, letter writing party, birthday, kimberly's birthdayAs I mentioned the other day, Naoto had special Letters & Libations stationery made especially for the party. He knew that Donovan sometimes makes special stationery for the Letter Writers Alliance letter writing socials so he commissioned her to draw something that incorporated letter writing and cocktails. He met with Donovan to chat about the plan and she came up with a few designs. Because he knew I would probably want to use the stationery beyond the party, he let me choose which one I liked best. letters & libations stationery, donovan beeson, letters and libations birthday party, letter writing party, birthday, kimberly's birthdayThis was the winner…a perfect cocktail coupe with a stack of mail ready to go. I love that the top letter has a little paper airplane on it and it’s addressed to me from the LWA. (But that detail is small enough so others could use the stationery without it being weird.) Donovan formatted the image so two sheets of stationery fit on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Naoto had them printed at the UPS store, where fifty copies cost $5. (He brought his own paper, Superfine White from Paper Source from my stash at home. I love Superfine papers…almost anything–fountain pens, gel pens, felt pens, pencils–writes nicely on it.)

I now have a nice leftover stash of my own personal stationery and the ability to print more. I’m so excited to write some letters on it this week! (By the way, I’m staying on top of my letter writing this week…how about you?)

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Letter Writers Alliance 10th Anniversary Party

cake, letter writers alliance 10th anniversary, paper pastries, LWAinLALast month Naoto surprised me with a trip to Los Angeles for the Letter Writers Alliance 10th anniversary party hosted by Margaret from Paper Pastries. Margaret and I have been pen pals for a few years now but we’d only met briefly at Ex Postal Facto. So I was really looking forward to seeing her again and meeting her sweet family. The trip exceeded my expectations. There wasn’t a ton of time for sight seeing (especially since my Friday was cut short thanks to flight delays, womp womp) but I loved the time I spent with Margaret and celebrating ten years of writing with the LWA.Los Angeles City Hall viewLos Angeles City Hall mailbox

On Friday afternoon, Margaret took me to the top of City Hall for a view of LA. Then we shopped around Little Tokyo. Chicago doesn’t have a Japanese neighborhood so it was such a treat to go to these little shops and restaurants. We haven’t planned our 2017 trip to Japan yet, so I’m feeling a little Japan withdrawal so it was great to immerse myself in the cuteness of Little Tokyo. I bought some stickers and a fuurin, which is a Japanese wind chime. (I’ve been wanting one for Tanabata next month. I’ll show you soon!)

Honeymee, Little Tokyo Los AngelesWe also had Honeymee which was amazing and is making me rethink my summer treats. It’s a special soft serve that comes topped with a real honeycomb. Seriously, what a combination! It was so good and worth the sticky hands that followed.

Poketo, LA, stationery and home goodsPoketo, LA, stationery and home goodsI also got to go to Poketo which has been on my list for some time. I only bought some greeting cards but I just love their style. ​

On Saturday morning I went to brunch with Margaret, her husband Tony, and their adorable daughter Ellis. (Sadly no pictures of this…)

Museum of Neon Art, Glendale, CAclayton plumbers at the MONA in Glendale, CA Pep Boys at Museum of Neon Art japanese katakana, neon, neon art, museum of neon art, monaThen I killed time at the Museum of Neon Arts in Glendale. It was the smallest museum ever, but it was packed with neon signs and modern art. I liked the old neon signs the best but I was smitten with the Japanese katakana in the last piece above. (It says “neon” and was made for an art installation in Japan in 1998.) donovan and kathy, letter writers alliance, 10th anniversary party, giant sprinkle cake, paper pastriesletter writers alliance, 10th anniversary party, giant sprinkle cake

On Saturday afternoon, a few dozen people showed up at Paper Pastries for the official Letter Writers Alliance anniversary party and letter writing social.  letter writers alliance, 10th anniversary party, letter writing social, paper pastries, glendale, CA letter writers alliance, 10th anniversary party, letter writing social, paper pastries, glendale, CAI shopped, I wrote a few postcards, I chatted, I drank champagne punch, and I ate the most delicious cake ever–white cake with white frosting and COVERED in festive sprinkles. It was perfect. It was so amazing to see people come from far and wide to celebrate letter writing! The letter writing community is so diverse and friendly!

bubble martini Clifton's cabinet of curiosities After the party we all went out for dumplings and drinks which was the perfect ending for a day with pen pals who’ve become true burgerin-n-out burger

On Sunday my flight left pretty early so I just had time to finish some postcards and eat an In-and-Out burger, my first. (It was good…I didn’t get the fries because it was 10:30AM.) Burbank Airport, Bob Hope AirportWhew…it was a whirlwind trip. Now I’m home and looking forward to the NEXT LWA party, tomorrow night at Greer!

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Mail Reads: The Etiquette of Letter Writing

vintage book: The Etiquette of Letter WritingMy friend Peggy gave me this tiny book, (A Desk Book on) The Etiquette of Letter Writing, last summer. It was published by Eaton, Crane & Pike Company in 1927. It is a tiny guide that outlines the basic social rules regarding correspondence. vintage book: The Etiquette of Letter WritingThe book comes from a time when married women signed their correspondence Mrs. Husband’s First & Last Name and when wives mailed handwritten invitations to dinner parties and responses came mailed back with handwritten notes. I grew up during a time when party invitations were mailed, but dinner invitations were offered with a phone call. Nowadays, we are lucky if we get a wedding invitation in the mail. Most invitations are offered through emails and texts. (I’m guilty of this too.) Think of the planning it would take to choose a date, write out your invitations, mail them, wait for responses and prepare for your party. You would have to have the proper-sized stationery (blind embossed with your family crest, of course!) ready to write out and respond to all of your invitations! While I am glad that we have fewer rules dictating our modern day correspondence, I really miss the days of real paper invitations. (I also miss the days of the R.S.V.P. but I can’t even talk about this or I’ll get ranty. This is a funny op-ed about the dying art of R.S.V.P.s.)vintage book: The Etiquette of Letter WritingDo you have simple, monogrammed stationery for everyday use (the initials “being placed in the left corner, of course”)? I’ve tried to limit myself when buying frivolous stationery with hopes that I could save up for some stunning engraved notecards. But there are too many good options out there and I like having a variety of paper and notecards to choose from. Still…think of how classy a gorgeously engraved monogram would be.
vintage book: The Etiquette of Letter WritingI love the suggestions for closing a letter: Cordially, Faithfully, Affectionately, Devotedly. When did we get stuck writing Sincerely over and over again at the end of our correspondence when there are so many other wonderful options?

I enjoy having this little gem on my desk to peruse and daydream about the formal days of visiting cards, handwritten invitation acceptances, summer home stationery, and family crests. Thank you, Peggy, for knowing me so well.

P.S. If you’d like to see a few more pages from the book, Donovan wrote a post for the Letter Writers Alliance blog here.

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